Single Jersey fabric – 180g/m2


Composition: 100% polyester-cotton mix or 100% cotton
Finish: Sleeve
Width: approx. 93cm x2
Weight: 180 g/m2
Productivity: 3.0 lm/kg +/- 5%
Bale weight: 17-20kg

Minimum order quantity:

Wholesale - 1 bale


DARMOWA WYSYŁKA - w celu zapoznania się ze szczegółami zapraszamy do kontaktu.

Single Jersey fabric made of very high quality combed yarn, nice to the touch, breathable, available in two thickness options – 140g and 180g. You can combine different colours in one finished product.


T-shirts, sweatpants, tunics, blouses, dresses, children's clothing.

The given colours are standard colours which are always available in our stock.

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